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Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry Disconnect Couplings are the given choice for the handling of any liquid, chemicals, gas, etc. where spills can be both costly and hazardous. DDCouplings can be found in a lot of various applications such as handling toxic chemicals and fuels to transferring clean water. Due to the wide range of materials and sealing types DDCouplings are flexible enough to suit almost any application. DDCouplings are available in sizes from " to 6". DDCouplings are designed and manufactured according to standard NATO STANAG 3756 which guarantees full interchangeability with couplings designed according to this standard.


Applications: Railcars, ship to shore, tank trucks, chemical plants, food industry, off shore, vessel boats, etc.



Dry Aviation Couplings

Dry Aviation Couplings are specially designed for the handling aviation fuel. The DACouplings are designed and manufactured according to STNAG 3105/ISO45/MS24484 which are commend standards for aviation fueling logistics. The DACouplings can be found at any point in the aviation fuel logistics chain except underwing fuelling due to its easy handling and suitability.


Applications: Dispenser trucks, fuel sampling, military installations, etc.



Dry Gas Couplings

Dry Gas Couplings are a further development from the DDCouplings specially designed to handle LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) even during the toughest consitions. DGCouplings are available in sizes from 1" to 3" to handle almost any type of LPG transfer. According to standard EN 13760:2003(E).


Applications: Railcars, tank trucks, "bob trucks", containers, etc.



Safety Pressure Caps

SPCaps are designed to be used with the DDCouplings for an even higher safety level. The SPCap is mounted on the DDC tank unit and works this way as a second/third enclosure. The SPCap is equipped with a leakage warning indicator as well as a pressure relief function. SPCaps are available in sizes 2", 2", 3" and 4".


Applications: Hazardous chemical transport, railcars, tank trucks, etc.



Safety Break-away Couplings

Safety Break-away Couplings are designed to prevent pull-away accidents when loading or unloading tank trucks, railcars, vessel boats, etc. SBCouplings are available in the breaking pin model or cable release model. Any model you choose will guarantee a high safety level and minimise the risk of unwanted spills. SBCouplings are available in sizes from 2" to 8" and in various materials and sealing types to suit most applications.


Applications: Railcars, tank trucks, ship to shore, etc.



Full Flow Ballvalves

FFBallvalves are specially designed for handling different types of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, Jet fuel, etc. in tank trucks. Due to the special design of the FFBallvalves, a very good flow is achieved and the turbulence in minimised which results in higher flexibility and easier implementation. FFBallvalves are available in one-way (one inlet, one outlet) and two-way (one inlet, two outlets) and in sizes from 2" to 4".


Applications: Petroleum tank trucks.




Swivels are used to allow free rotation movement between hoses, nozzles, pipes, etc. and are available in sizes from " to 4" and in various types of connections and materials to suit almost any application.


Applications: Off shore, tank trucks, industrial applications, etc.


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